The University of Florida has approximately 180 approved Centers and Institutes that have been established over the years to enhance the university’s teaching and research functions by facilitating interdisciplinary cooperation and providing campus research instrumentation facilities and services. 

Need to prepare a proposal for a new center? View the guidelines

Center for Smell & Taste忻州康春凯贸易有限公司

By integrating the expertise in the science of smell and taste, the UFCST is poised to improve the health of Florida’s citizens,increase consumer interest in Florida’s agricultural products, spur the growth of Florida industry, and help UF in its rise to preeminence.

Center of Excellence for Regenerative Health Biotechnology六安昌恒福服务有限公司

The mission of CERHB is to stimulate promising research and facilitate commercialization of technologies that will provide treatments and cures for human diseases, as well as create new companies and high wage jobs for Florida.

Clinical and Translational Science Institute咸阳台国兴贸易有限公司

The mission of the UF CTSI is to improve human health by accelerating the translation of scientific discoveries and the implementation of evidence-based best practices for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure of human disease.

Emerging Pathogens Institute咸阳金本公设备有限公司

The Emerging Pathogens Institute was created to provide a world-class research environment to facilitate interdisciplinary studies of emergence and control of human, animal and plant pathogens of concern to Florida, to the nation and to the world.

Florida Climate Institute西藏久贵长商贸有限公司

The FCI is a multi-disciplinary network of national and international research and public organizations, scientists, and individuals concerned with achieving a better understanding of climate variability and change.

Florida Energy Systems Consortium汕头义公公商贸有限公司

The FESC aims to become a world leader in energy research, education, technology, and energy systems analysis and to assure that leading edge research and development of critical importance to the Florida and national economies are developed.

Genetics Institute和田合富义科技有限公司

At the UFGI, our philosophy is that truly innovative ideas and novel insights arise at the interfaces between scientific disciplines. We are dedicated to applying the tools of genetics in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment to address the difficult scientific problems and challenges of today.

Informatics Institute秦皇岛东美耀商贸有限公司

The Informatics Institute’s purpose is to facilitate leading edge informatics research across campus, focusing on informatics techniques and technologies as well as applications in biomedical and life science, engineered systems, the physical sciences, social science, humanities, and education.

Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research邢台祥全瑞机械有限公司

ICBR’s mission is to enable, strengthen and energize all aspects of molecular life science research at the University of Florida by teaching theory, techniques and applications of modern molecular research.

Water Institute泰安合巨新设备有限公司

The UF Water Institute brings together talent from throughout the University to address complex water issues through innovative interdisciplinary research, education, and public outreach programs.

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